Why Bill C-51 Increases the Importance of Secure File Sharing Software for Legal Professionals

Does your law firm use an encryption program for electronic communication and document exchanges?

The passing of Bill C-51 – known as the anti-terrorism act – stresses the necessity of secure file sharing software.

Backed in the House of Commons by Liberal and Conservative votes, the bill allows the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to exceed its previous information-gathering powers.

In doing so, government bodies and law enforcement agencies can access Canadians’ private data and communications.

David Fraser, a privacy lawyer and member of TitanFile’s board of directors, was interviewed by Canadian Lawyer Magazine about the act’s impact on Canadian law firms.

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The interview discusses how secure file sharing software for lawyers can help keep case- and client-related information confidential in light of the new bill. It also demonstrates how law firms can proactively encrypt sensitive data.

This information is undoubtedly useful, even for legal firms outside of Canada.

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