How to Build your Enterprise with Collaboration

When you think about collaboration what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Successfully completing projects with a group? Engaging in a brainstorming session with your colleagues? Maybe it’s even the latest mashup between your two favourite musical artists. Whatever the case, hopefully the term hits close to home and is a practice you routinely use in your current career.

Collaboration might seem like an industry buzzword, but that’s not the case. Providing a work environment that empowers employees to work together to enhance innovation, break down geographical barriers and improve productivity is a winning solution for all involved.

That’s why we’ve created an ebook to get you thinking even further about collaboration. In ‘How to Build your Enterprise with Collaboration,’ you’ll learn the benefits that collaboration can bring to your enterprise. Discover more about:

How to create a collaborative culture: Understand the importance of infusing your office with a collaborative spirit.

Telecommuting and the distributed workforce: Telecommuting is gaining traction as a popular choice for the workforce (we’ve already written about ways to be successful while working from home). Working from branch offices, also known as distributed offices, are also a popular choice. They allow organizations to recruit employees from diverse locations, without limiting the talent pool to one area. Learn more about how you can use digital collaboration to your advantage in these situations.

Combining internal and external collaboration: It’s common to work together with your workplace peers to complete a project, but are you taking time to connect with those outside of your office? There’s a real benefit.

The ROI and benefits of collaboration: If you’re investing time and money into anything, you want to know the positive impact it’s going to have on your business. This chapter outlines some of the ROIs you can realize by focusing on collaboration.

At the end of the ebook there’s a pop quiz to test whether or not your enterprise is focusing on collaboration and tips to get you on the right track.

Download our ebook today to learn more about how collaboration can help your enterprise.

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