Secure Deposit Box – The Easiest Way to Receive Files Securely

What is a Secure Deposit Box?

A Secure Deposit Box is a tool that allows you to receive files easily and securely from your clients and colleagues.

Files uploaded to Secure Deposit Box are encrypted in-transit and at-rest to prevent unauthorized access. Only you (the intended recipient) will have access to the files.

What makes it the easiest way to receive files securely?

When you’re searching for the easiest way to receive files securely, there are three factors you must consider:

1. Ease of use and convenience

Ideally, it should require the least number of steps and time for both the sender and receiver. A solution that’s too difficult to use will result in increased frustration for both parties.

2. Security

The solution must encrypt data to protect client information and help you comply with privacy regulations. It’s better if the data is encrypted both in transit and at rest for maximum security.

3. Support for large files

It can’t be the easiest way to receive “files” if you’re only able to receive small files. Sometimes, you may have to receive large documents or other files that are gigabytes in size.

Now, let’s break down some of the ways you’re receiving confidential files today and see why they’re not ideal:

  • Email – email is the standard for correspondence and small file sharing with clients, however, it’s not a very good option when it comes to security. Files sent to you via email are normally not encrypted and can be easily intercepted by hackers and put confidential client information at risk. In addition, email doesn’t support large file sharing by default. Users of this platform are limited to file attachments of 25MB or less which means they can only send small files.
  • Unsecured submission forms – most embed submission forms on websites don’t have built-in security meaning at no stage of the submission process are the files encrypted. Similar to email, files can be intercepted with files that are transferred through submission forms. Depending on how the form is integrated, it may or may not support large files.
  • Courier – receiving files through courier may very well be one of the worst ways to receive files from clients. It can take days for delivery and when a package gets lost, you won’t know who has the confidential information. Your clients will also need to go out of their way to drop files off at a mailbox or post office. If they include storage devices for large files, the devices can be damaged during transit.
  • In-person delivery – there’s nothing more cumbersome than making your clients personally deliver documents and files to you. With so many online solutions out there today, it’s unnecessary to have information hand-delivered to you.

Here’s a table to summarize the methods of receiving files we discussed above:

  Easy/Convenient Secure Large file sharing
Email x x
Submission forms x Yes and No
Courier x x
In-person delivery x Yes but storage device is required

As you may have noticed, all of these methods are lacking in at least one of the following areas: ease-of-use/convenience, security, or large file sharing.

The Secure Deposit Box excels in all three of these areas and is what makes this method the easiest way to receive files securely.

Start receiving files with a Secure Deposit Box today

Secure Client Portal

We invite you to try TitanFile’s Secure Deposit Box.

With a Secure Deposit Box, all you need to do is send your contacts a link. They’ll fill out a short form with their contact information, attach files, and click send. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re an attorney, accountant, or financial advisor, the Secure Deposit Box is the easiest way for you and your team to receive files securely.

Here’s how TitanFile’s Secure Deposit Box meets the requirements of the three factors we discussed above:

Ease-of-use – For you, it’s as simple as providing a link to your clients. For your clients, it’s as simple as them filling out a form and attaching files. No extra steps required!

Security – The submitted files are encrypted with enterprise-grade encryption while in-transit and at rest.

Large files – Clients can upload gigabytes worth of files at blazing-fast speeds.

You’ll also love Secure Deposit Box for these reasons:

  • It can be embedded onto your website and custom branded
  • Your staff members get their own individual Secure Deposit Box links
  • You receive notifications when files are submitted

Is this solution right for you?

If you regularly receive confidential information and files from your clients, you should adopt a secure client portal. Lawyers, accountants, regulatory bodies, consultants, and healthcare professionals regularly trust TitanFile to receive files securely from their clients using a Secure Deposit Box.

Try the Secure Deposit Box free for 15 days.