How to Send Encrypted Emails in Outlook

Since its inception, email has become an important tool to use in our personal and professional lives. We rely on email as our preferred communication platform because it’s easy to use and can be conveniently accessed across multiple different devices. However, email certainly does have its flaws and we often pay a price for convenience.

One of the major flaws with email is the lack of encryption—which means you’re unable to send secure emails or attachments. The absence of email encryption means anyone who has access to your network or is capable of hacking into it can potentially view and obtain a copy of your messages. It’s similar to you sending a postcard to someone and the mailman being able to see all the information on the postcard.

This lack of security becomes inconvenient and potentially dangerous for you if you’re regularly working with confidential information that you can’t afford to have leaked. Not to mention compliance issues with industry regulations.

Microsoft Outlook™’s Encryption Problem

On Microsoft’s support site regarding encrypting email messages, it mentions supporting S/MIME and Office 365 Message Encryption but there’s a catch!

These types of encryption only work if both the sender and the recipient’s mailing applications support it. If not, you’re forced to send email attachments without encryption and you can forget about keeping your attachments secure and confidential.

Being aware of this issue, TitanFile decided to tackle it head-on by developing an Outlook™ add-in that makes outgoing email attachments secure.

TitanFile’s Secure Send add-in for Outlook™ encrypts your emails and attachments so that they remain completely confidential while in-transit and at rest. It will even bypass attachment size restrictions and allow you to send files larger than 25mb through Outlook™.

The best part is, you (the sender) and your recipients don’t need to support the same type of encryption. You can send encrypted emails to anyone directly from Outlook™.

It’s the easiest and most secure way to send encrypted emails and attachments from Outlook™.

How to Send Encrypted Emails in Outlook with Secure Send:

1. Start your free trial of TitanFile to get access to the Secure Send add-in for Outlook™. After you install the Secure Send add-in, Secure Send will now appear in Outlook™’s navigation ribbon (see the screenshot below).

How to Send Encrypted Emails in Outlook - TitanFile Secure Send

2. Craft your email message by adding an email, subject line, and message

3. Attach a small file (under 25MB) as you normally would or use the Attach Large File button to attach a large file.

4. Click the Secure Send button instead of Outlook™’s send button

and that’s it! The entire email will be encrypted and the confidentiality of it will be preserved while it’s in-transit and at rest.

How to Send Encrypted Emails in Outlook - TitanFile Secure Send

Your recipients will receive an email with a button to access the email message and files securely. See the screenshot below.

TitanFile Email Notification

When your recipients click on the “Access Files” button, they’ll get redirected to a page where they can set a name and password for an account to access the secured email attachments.

How to Send Encrypted Emails in Outlook - TitanFile

After creating their account, they will gain access to a secure two-way communication channel and have access to the files and messages you sent.

TitanFile Portal

Recipients will also be able to send messages and files back to you.


It’s as simple as that!

Get a free trial to start sending encrypted emails from Outlook today!